HOPE Appears at Broward Affordable Housing Task Force 2015 HOME Expo

The Broward Affordable Housing Task Force is made up of diverse housing industry professionals committed to promoting and supporting services and programs related to Broward residents attaining affordable housing.

One of the organization’s annual offerings is the Broward Affordable Housing Task Force HOME Expo. The October 2015 event was sponsored by 25 industry-related non-profits, banking institutions, real estate agencies, housing authorities, and local government entities.

In an effort to extend outreach throughout Broward County, the Task Force selects a different municipality to host the event each year. Sunrise, FL was selected for the 2015 HOME Expo. Over 200 people came out to the City of Sunrise Civic Center where they received valuable information from community housing professionals, lenders, nonprofit agencies, builders, and real estate experts advising them on steps to becoming a homeowner.

HOPE was on hand to educate the community on fair housing laws and distribute resources for reporting housing discrimination complaints. “HOPE is a proud member of the Broward Affordable Task Force, and supports the Task Force affordable housing efforts. Our partnership provides valuable venues for us to communicate and dialogue with the community about fair housing rights and issues,” explains Rita Scott, Education & Outreach Coordinator.

The Broward Affordable Housing Task Force HOME Expo is offered annually during the month of October.