Please support HOPE, Inc. on Give Miami Day! – Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022

For the 1st time, the federal appeals court that covers Florida, Alabama, and Georgia recognized a male landlord’s repeated sexual harassment of a female tenant as actually illegal under the Fair Housing Act.

A Black Florida realtor (and US Marines veteran) who was actively showing a house to a family with children had to justify her being there to a hostile next door neighbor (and she was used to that treatment!).

The Department of Justice settled with a group of business people who were caught specifically targeting Spanish-speaking people in Miami (and other cities) with a home-financing scam.

The US President addressed that, across the country, home appraisal values consistently come back higher when the appraiser thinks the current homeowner is White, versus other races.

These are not stories from decades ago.

Each of these was reported in 2022.

HOPE, Inc. fights housing discrimination in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, and clearly, the fight goes on. We tell people about their rights, and then, if somebody thinks that they’re facing discrimination, they can call us, and we help them out. We can give referrals as needed for related services, or we can conduct investigations that lead to lawsuits. Our services are free to the general public.

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