HOPE, Inc. files federal lawsuit challenging Florida’s SB 264

This morning, HOPE, Inc. and a number of partner organizations filed a fair housing discrimination suit in federal court in Miami to sue Florida for discriminating against people from China and six other countries.

Last year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law SB 264, which greatly restricts people from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Syria from purchasing real property in the state.

The lawsuit filed by Relman Colfax, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC, and Courtney Cunningham asserts that SB 264 violates the federal Fair Housing Act. No one should be denied a home because of who they are or where they come from.

New York Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/06/us/florida-land-law-chinese-homes.html

National Fair Housing Alliance press release: https://nationalfairhousing.org/historic-legal-battle-unveiled-against-discriminatory-florida-housing-law-sb-264/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR0hxKw7Pck5a0cCAlhR9HNzl8tuE0g8bXTXazo_ehDxo7QUYTkP-u8BIzc_aem_Ae442c3lNcWcDvan_8jlVDwF56eFxqoH8vqmx9Xj_P7Ka6HHyxS43mCF3PcsLcMnpSysid-zopX-4nCvgV06RIbf