Private Enforcement

HOPE, Inc.’s Private Enforcement Program for the South Florida area covers Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties. The program activities are designed to provide a reliable fair housing capacity, including professional testing as well as education and outreach programs. The program activities are needed to investigate individual housing discrimination complaints and expose patterns and practices of housing discrimination by targeting specific policies and practices of selected housing providers and lending institutions.

The program activities include a focus on the areas of residential housing access, real estate, advertising, mortgage lending, and appraisal practices. The implementation of the program has assisted the residents of South Florida in achieving equal access to the housing of their choice, and provides an avenue to address and seek resolution of complaints regarding fair housing. HOPE, Inc. has assisted in the recovery of over $12 million in settlements for South Florida residents who filed housing discrimination complaints.

Additionally, the program is designed to assist community leaders in monitoring the progress of local jurisdictions in meeting their responsibility to “Affirmatively Further Fair Housing”. The program also works in partnership with local jurisdictions to develop programs that can assist all residents including low to moderate-income persons to overcome impediments to fair housing choice.